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David Dreves Kayaking
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 Canoe Lessons and Tours

David Dreves Kayaking is a instruction company with a focus on developing paddling skills and safety awareness on the water. With 17 years in the business and a belief that education and training are essential in developing safe paddlers and a strong paddling community. 
We provide a variety of entry level canoe and coastal touring programs. Our Explore program is a fun instructional tour that covers some basic paddle strokes and takes you for a couple hour paddle. Our certified lessons cover a variety of paddle skills as well as recoveries and weather information.

Our Canoe instructors are certified with "Paddle Canada" and/or RCABC. 

David Dreves Kayaking
Canoe Lessons, Tours and Rentals in The Greater Vancouver Area,
Surrey / White Rock / Ladner
Call or Text   604-318-4019
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Certified Canoe Courses
Non-Certified Programs